Serhij Koroliuk

Mr. Koroliuk's artistic career took shape long before he entered school. In his formative years it was the arts that appealed to him - Art, Drama, Music and Photography as well as athletics - Track and Field, Gymnastics, and Wrestling.

Upon graduating, he was accepted in to the Dance Department at the Zhytomyr College of Art receiving his Diploma with Distinction. Continuing his studies in Kyiv, Ukraine at the National University of Culture and Performing Arts in the faculty of Drama and Choreography, his subjects included Choreography, Dance and Ethnography. He was fortunate and most grateful to have had such gifted professors as Mykola Trehubov, Evhen Zaitsev, Valeria Virska, and Raphael Malynovsky. Applying his natural talent and passion, his professional career soared quickly. He danced as a member of "Lionok," The Polissian Song and Dance Ensemble, and, The Bukovynian Song and Dance Ensemble. Both professional State companies.

In 1986, Serhij was invited to teach Ukrainian Dance and Choreography at the College of Arts in Chernivtsi. From this appointment he was chosen as Dance Director and Head Choreographer of The Bukovyna Song and Dance Ensemble under the umbrella of the Chernivtsi Philharmonic Organization.

All of this by age 28.

1993 brought about another challenge to this talented young man - An invitation to Canada from the Pavlychenko Folorique Ensemble to enhance their repertoire. In 1995, he became Artistic Director of the Ensemble taking it to new Artistic heights.
Presently, Serhij lives in Saskatoon and is well known across Canada for his eye-catching and innovative Choreographies. Aside from the ever-expanding colorful repertoire of "Pavlychenko," many Dance Ensembles across Canada; Shumka of Edmonton, Rusalka of Winnipeg, Tryzub of Calgary, to name a few, have invited him to do works for them. He is also in constant demand as an Adjudicator.

Mr. Koroliuk, wife Nina (also a Dance teacher, Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance) and son Kirylo, form a beautiful trio. In his free time, Serhij enjoys painting and ceramics. He is fluent in three languages. However, he does NOT understand the words "I can not".

" I have always envied artists."- Serhij says.
" If you are a painter, you are 'at one' with the canvas. You have your brushes, paints and inspiration - so, you proceed. Total independence. If the painting turns out to your satisfaction, you let the paint dry. And, it is forever. In the Dance genre, there is not the privilege of constancy. Each show has new energy, a new ambience, new challenges of talent, and is, in fact a new work of art. The life span of this creation is directly equal to the length of the number. Instead, Dance has another great advantage or privilege: To me, it is a "palette" that we as choreographers use. Movement of the human being with its wide variety of colors, shades and dimensions, reaches far beyond any color spectrum. Therefore, the reason I am most fortunate is that the stage is my canvas, the dancers my brushes, and movement my palette.

Behold dear audience. Enjoy."

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