Being a member of Pavlychenko has been the dream of many young dancers. Through hard work, dedication, and the love of Ukrainian dance, this dream has become a reality for some of them. Pavlychenko has been setting and achieving the goals of performing on many local and international stages. The ensemble prides itself on its unique style of dance, as well as the diversity of its cast. Dancers from all cultural backgrounds have become members of Pavlychenko.

To become part of this dynamic cast of dancers, you must be a minimum of 16 years of age, have dance experience and participate in an audition. Once part of the troupe, schedules for rehearsal and performances require intense personal dedication on the part of the individual dancer.


PFE Members

Our Dancers:
Adam Breckner
Alanna Hawrysh
Ashlyn Hartshorn
Aubree Worobetz
Austyn Kozun
Bethany McQuaid
Brendan Nykoluk
Brianne Daviduik
Carma Douglas
Courtney Tkachuk
Crystal Mallough
Derrick Nykoluk
Justin Chometa
Kaitlin Kliewer
Katherine Prytula
Kelsee Douglas
Laura Billay
Maria Boyko
Marina Kodak
Michelle Zabiaka
Mitchell Bristow
Natalya Shevchuk
Nicole Matsalla
Paul Breckner
Rachel Adams
Rebecca Vereschagin
Tatiana Storoschuk
Tawni Cherepuschak
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