Gypsy Triptych

This dance is performed in a triptych, each segment portraying a different side of the true gypsy spirit. The female dancers show the shy and seductive style of the gypsies. Their agile and exotic movements help depict the gypsy character. The strong and sharp side of the gypsies is brought to the stage by the male dancers. This masculine mood shows how powerful and dark the gypsies can be. The third part of the triptych ties all sides of the gypsy character into a wild and passionate frenzy that really captures the true gypsy spirit. When you hear the word, “Gypsy”; what do you picture? The gypsy spirit is wild, crazy, and exotic, as well as possesses uncontrollable energy and seductive passion. This powerful spirit is displayed in this artistic trilogy. Through their dynamic energy, the gypsies are brought forth to the stage.


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