Bukovynian Kozak

 Буковинський Козак

“Гайда, хлопці як один!..” “One for All and All for One!” This is the theme and philosophy of the dance “Bukovynian Kozak” In Ukrainian Culture there are dances performed exclusively by females, such as women depicting embroidery or ritual dances as in Ivana Kupala foretelling ones future. For men, the situation at hand, like a military idiom was expressed in dances such as ARKAN, POVZUNETS, HOPAK. “BUKOVYNSKYI KOZAK” is a casual male dance performed at parties. Typically, “KOZAK” would be performed at the beginning of the evening as a tribute to the men, who prepared this event. According to Bukovynian etiquette, men shouldered the expense of the party. This dance also set the mood for the evening. “KOZAK” represents energetic fun, good will among friends who love to work hard and reap the fruits of their labor. It depicts generosity, sincerity and sharing good humor. “KOZAK” is not only a Dance - IT IS A WAY OF LIFE


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