Canadian Kaleidoscope

One of the democratic principles which makes Canada a truly special place to live is its national recognition of multiculturalism. This vast land is a tapestry of ethnicities from various parts of the world. While individual ethnicities are always visible, they are intricately interconnected by what is collectively called our “Canadian Identity”. This identity is not static – it is fluid, dynamic, and ever-changing, like the beautiful and unique patterns of a kaleidoscope. “Canadian Kaleidoscope” is a colourful dance extravaganza featuring several ethnic groups who have made Canada their home. These ethnic groups – North American Indian, Scottish, Irish, German, Spanish, Philippine, French, and Ukrainian – represent a small sample of the populations who settled in Canada to make it one nation “from sea to sea”. The Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble is proud to bring you Canada’s cultural kaleidoscope embodied in dance. We invite you to enjoy the colourful mosaic which represents our multicultural nation.


Our Dances:
A Merry Dance
A Twist of Kozak Fate
Bukovynian Kozak
Canadian Kaleidoscope
Carpathian Nostalgia
Departing Kozak
Gypsy Triptych
Spring Dance
Stamp Dance
Tambourine Polka
The Lasso
The Sieve
Welcome Suite
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